TERRASource Geothermal DIY

TERRASource Geothermal DIY is an organization that is primarily focused on the distribution of pre-engineered “do it yourself” home geothermal heat pump systems. It’s a mouthful, but the short of it is that they sell heat pumps that tap into underground (“geothermal”) temperatures to regulate home heating and cooling.

Here is a professional video that illustrates application and function:

Benefits of a TERRASource System

Because geothermal is a natural, renewable energy, it makes it an economically sound and safe investment, and leveraging it for your home is smart. When comparing geothermal prices, geothermal heat pumps currently have a lower operating cost than other conventional heating sources.  The lifespan of a TERRASource system is longer than conventional HVAC system. With regular maintenance, a TERRASource system can last 50 years or more. A geothermal heat pump is 450% efficient to boot.

Potential Savings

Generally speaking, a homeowner could save anywhere between 30% – 70% annually in heating costs, and 20% – 50% in cooling costs by installing a TERRASource geothermal system.

How it Works

The upper 10 feet of Earth’s surface maintains a constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on latitude.

TERRASource geothermal systems use a closed-loop system to circulate carrier fluids through tubing buried in the ground. As the fluid circulates, it absorbs heat from its surroundings, and on its return, the now warmer fluid passes through a heat pump which uses electricity to extract the heat from the fluid.

The re-chilled fluid is sent back through the underground tubing to continue the cycle.  The heat extracted from underground is a byproduct used to heat/cool the home.

More heating/cooling is generated through a TERRASource geothermal system than if electricity alone had been used to control indoor temperatures. HVAC systems have to work in very hot outdoor temperatures in the summer, and very cold outdoor temperatures in the winter. Conventional HVAC systems have to work twice as hard to achieve and then maintain a constant temperature indoors.  The inefficiency of an HVAC is evident at the end of the month when you receive your energy bill.

Doing it Yourself

TERRASource systems are pre-engineered and sold as a DIY (“Do it Yourself”) package. They are one of the very few “true” Do It Yourself geothermal systems on the market.

TERRASource systems are color-coded and labeled to eliminate any guess work. Competitors that offer DIY geothermal systems are often misleading you with a system that is not pre-engineered before shipment, forcing you to have specialized equipment, like fusion welding, and flush carts during installation. This translates to thousands in additional out-of-pocket costs you’ll incur, above the original purchase price of your geothermal system. “Is the system pre-engineered?” should be at the top of your list when researching a DIY geothermal system.

If you are interested in learning more about a TERRASource geothermal system for your dwelling, visit: www.geothermalheaters.com

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